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A unique and compelling collection of narrative essays by young(ish) Amercian authors that runs the gamut on form and content

This collection of 21 narrative essays by 11 authors is a miscellany of topic and theme: from tattoos to addiction to spinning vinyl to ice fishing; from  navigating the streets of Saigon to sexual assault to battling mental illness to living with death. The montage of content is held together by a distinct “voice,” a voice that occupies that space beyond the customary and the commonplace in society, a voice from the fringe giving utterance to outsider’s experience. Miscellany brings together the sensibilities, experiences, and the aesthetic of young(ish) American essayists in a truly singular voice.

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These essays occupy the dangerous spaces between tale and rant, between song and scream, between meditation and meltdown. Miscellany offers readers a thrilling ride along the ragged edges of American culture.

- Scott Nadelson, author of Saving Stanley, winner of the H.L. Davis Award for Short Fiction


Check out the video on our Indiegogo campaign. Contributors talks about essay writing, fiction versus creative nonfiction, and changing tires.

his book, its themes, the writing process, and alcohol.

Miscellany: Essays by Young(ish) American Voices  (From the Fringe)