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Goings on,  Out-and- Abouts And so forth

We’ll be attending the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 16. Aaron Jacobs will be there signing copies of The Abundant Life. Come see us. Be there or be square!

We’re excited about our latest acquisition, The Abundant Life. Biting satire by Aaron  Jacobs.

Our spring titles launched February 15. You can pick one up online or at your favorite bookstore. If you do, do us a solid and write a short review.

We’re very proud of a Fall release, Incunabulae, by Kurt Slauson. The book’s official pub date is Tuesday, August 15.

Join Kurt Slauson at Shenanigans in Kelowna BC, Tuesday, August 15, for the long-awaited book launch party for Incunabulae.

Inked the deal for a nonfiction exploration of film and filmmaking by expert-in-the-field and educator, March Achtenberg. You’re gonna love it.

Mark Achtenberg’s Get Your Hero up A Tree: How to Write A Movie That Doesn’t Stink is set for publication January 1, 2018. The pre- publication reviews have been terrific so far.

More exciting news on the acquisition front. We just acquired two new books: Tom Pescatore’s Borroughs/Becketteque Boxcar Bop and Erik Wennermark’s compelling and darkly comic collection of short stories, Evil Men. Look for them both in late 2018.    

Kurt Slauson reading from his collection of art and poetry, Incunabulae, in Kelowna B.C.

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