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Take a minute to check out the buzz on Arthur-Ellis-Award finalist Vern Smith over on The Michigan Daily and Cowboy Jamboree. His novel The Green Ghetto is available in stores and online February 15.

Launch night for The Green Ghetto at Bookies (Homewood). Thanks to friends and family who came out and to Keith at Bookies for the local support. A great time was had by all.

Arthur-Ellis-Award-finalist Vern Smith gets a write up over at The Windsor Star and Set The Bar News. His novel The Green Ghetto is available in stores and online February 15.

We’re selling audio books! Check out Mark Achtenberg’s Get Your Hero Up a Tree (How to Write a Move That Doesn’t Stink) over on Audibles and iTunes.

Big congratulations to Theodore Carter, whose collection of short stories, Frida Sex Dreams and Other Unnerving Disruptions, was chosen by Broken Pencil Magazine as an INDIE PICK, SUMMER 2019.

Don’t miss Paul Alexander reading from his hilarious parenting memoir, Our Baby Was Born Premature (the same way he was conceived), in Baysville, ON this summer.

Join Paul Alexander and Friends for a book launch on Sept. 26. Don’t miss out. Paul will be reading from his memoir. You may just laugh your ass off!

Listen to Paul Alexander interviewed on CJAY radio. Click here.

We attended the Brooklyn Book Festival again this year. Theodore Carter’s Scream photo op booth turned out to be a big hit–as did his novel “Stealing The Scream.