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"Masterfully told from multiple points of view, with gorgeous prose, and tremendous insight, Cramer has created a work of depth and honesty about matriarchal complexity, love, and strength. A gem."

- Roselee Blooston, award-winning author of Trial by Family and Dying in Dubai

Anna Eva Mimi Adam


Marina Antropow Cramer

Three generations of women suffer the consequences of a single act of family violence in their past. As they navigate the troubled waters of guilt, self-loathing, and detachment, Adam, their precocious young son and grandson, unwittingly moves them closer to healing and reconciliation through the purity of a child's love.

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Born in postwar Germany into a family of Russian refugees, Marina Antropow Cramer has been a waitress, fabric store manager, traveling saleswoman, telephone fundraiser, used book dealer, business owner, and bookseller. She holds a BA in English from Upsala College. Her work has appeared in Blackbird, Istanbul Literary Review, and Wilderness House Literary Review. She owned and operated The Cup and Chaucer Bookstore in Montclair, NJ, for sixteen years, then worked for Watchung Booksellers for the next twelve. She left bookselling in 2014 to focus on writing full-time, and now lives in New York's Hudson Valley. She is the author of Roads: A Novel, published by Chicago Review Press.  

“This brilliant book doesn't turn away from harsh truths but also understands that people are delicate creatures before they become harmed.”

- Susan Tepper, author of What Drives Men and The Merrill Diaries


“There’s a contrast between the normality of daily life and the deep rooted issues that underlie that life, a cleverly written juxtaposition. This is a tense novel, we sense the pressure the characters feel, the slow reveal allows the reader to engage emotionally. Gradually we learn just how haunted these women are and how that passes on through time. The multi-voice narration provides nuance to the tale.”

- NB Magazine