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The Gimmick: Novelettes, Stories, & Sketches


Vern Smith

“Vern Smith’s ‘The Gimmick’ is about a hard-nosed cop, a bombshell in a belly shirt, and a bank machine card scam,” says Philip Alexander of Front & Centre Magazine. “It’s a complex and intense story, and who can resist the brilliant opening?”

Get ready to get down with “The Gimmick.” Along with the return of Vern Smith’s two-tone detective team who made the Arthur Ellis Awards shortlist are 11 other novelettes, stories, and sketches revolving around everything from a city scrape to an errant message to declining sanity in the civil service. There’s also “An International Incident” on a Cuban beach, going concern around “36 Beers,” and, finally, a melancholy ode to lost time.

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