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2017 Titles Vicious Dogs by Henry Brock

Down-and-out P.I. Derek Lasker hopes his luck has taken a turn for the better when he lands a case with Bob Linehan, a client who believes his potentially psychotic teenage son, Bob Jr., is the culprit of a heinous crime. Lasker follows the teen into Toronto’s dark underworld of violence and crime, realizing too late that he’s got his eye on the wrong psychopath. It’s a grave mistake that could cost him dearly. But will it cost him everything?

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Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Henry Brock lives in Toronto, where he has worked in the Toronto film industry for ten years. He currently works as a makeup artist for a number of popular daytime dramas.

. . . an excellent, vibrant read, even though it does rather tarnish the image of Canada being an always-gentle country where the most untoward behavior is ordering an Americano at a Tim Hortons.

- Mystery Scene

Brock reshapes the traditional gumshoe persona in his debut noir novel . . . certain to become a new favorite for noir aficionados.

- Manhattan Book Review

I bloody loved it. Henry Brock's Vicious Dogs is a brutal slice of lowlife noir that smartly blends Charles Bukowski with Eddie Bunker and breathes new life into the PI novel.

- Paul D. Brazill, author of Cold London Blues and Guns of Brixton

A classic PI story with a fresh new voice. Vicious Dogs hits all the right notes. And who says Canadians are so polite? By the end, this dog bites!

-Eric Beetner, author of Rumrunners and The Devil Doesn’t Want Me-

“The first Derek Lasker Investigations delivers a whip-crack plot and devilish humor that goes down like a tall can of Molson's after a plate of poutine.”

-Eryk Pruitt, author of Dirtbags and Hashtag-


INCUNABULAE: Collected Works, 1995-2015

Poetry and art by Kurt Slauson

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Like the chance meeting of Spy vs. Spy and Rimbaudian synesthesia on Maldoror’s operating table, Kurt Slauson’s Incunabulae registers an intuitive logic in word and image that lurks just beneath the surface of lived experience. This logic, as it emerges in these pages, is by turns desolate, exuberant, woebegone, compassionate, humorous, grim, mirthful, and always songful. Slauson’s greatest achievement, however, is that he pulls off the trick of creating in an original voice without ever lapsing into corniness, which is perhaps the hardest but most important trick an artist can perform at this point in history.

–Bradley Butterfield, author of Idiot Boys


Kurt Slauson was born in Sacramento, CA USA in 1970; his family moved from Albuquerque, NM to Ithaca, NY in 1976 where he grew up, with a summer in Madrid, Spain and a year in Bern, Switzerland, traveled widely in Europe; graduated from the University of Oregon, lived a bookstore year in Tennessee, earned his MA in English from the University of Montana, pursued PhD studies (abd) at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, taught English; received an AA in Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Seattle, worked several years in the food industry; ten years in horticulture followed; he currently lives in Kelowna, BC. INCUNABULAE is his first book.

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