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About Us

We love books. We’re crazy about books. Period. Yes, we could say that Run Amok exists to fill a hole in this country’s cultural fabric left by traditional publishers, who make editorial choices based solely on marketability and bottom line. But we won’t. We’re glad they do, because that gives rise to a need–a need for the mighty small, independent press. The ones who take chances. The ones who fill the gaps and shore up the edges, the fringes, if you will. That’s where we live–the fringes. We tend toward the obscure and the strange, the irreverent and the profane. We love experimental forms and interesting voices. These are the things that matter to us at Run Amok. These are the things we want to bring to readers. And that, friends, is really why we exist. For more about our submission and publishing policies, visit our submissions page.

Who We Are

J.H. Kim was born in South Korea. She moved to the U.S. by way of Canada. She works in the Health Care industry by day. By night, she is the publisher of Run Amok Books.

Gary Anderson was born in Western Canada. He now lives in New Jersey, where he works in the Education industry. As the managing editor of Run Amok Books, Gary fiddles with the little stuff.

Julie Holaway was born in the U.S. As an editor at Run Amok Books, and our West Coast connection, Julie lives and works in Oregon. She is fluent in Spanish and an avid Salsa dancer.

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